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  • The Magic 620 high pressure vertical tanning system combines a unique, futuristic design with exceptional performance to give the customer a 360 all-round instant tan.

    Earn up to £90 per hour

    This exclusive 6-column unit offers a large exposure area with a huge amount of inside space, allowing the customer complete freedom of movement and the sensation of open space.

    Yet this unique design minimises the space taken up by the bed. The 6 columns are made up of 30 crossed 600 watt high pressure lamps that guarantee perfect diffusion of the UV rays giving the customer an instant all round tan.

    This unique design and the powerful ventilation system prevent the stagnation of heat and bad odours.

    The Magic 620 allows the customer to choose from 3 types of tanning sessions; full body, face only or legs only. personalised tan can also be set according to the customers skin type. A separate skin type analysis probe (available as an optional extra), identifies the customers skin type and how much melanin their skin contains. The system calculates the ideal exposure time, so the customer can obtain a natural tan without the risk of burning.


    • High sheen, metallic silver and blue colours that compliment any modern salon.
    • 6 colour graphical display panel with keyboard control touch screen technology
    • Radio
      • Electronic session time control
      • Hour counter
      • Emergency stop button
      • Minimal maintenance requirements

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