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  • The Coco Bay UV Free Manual Spray Booth is a revolutionary airbrush tanning booth that offers the benefit of both the speed of a UV free spray booth and the perfection achieved by a trained operator.
  • The highly efficient airgun effectively disperses luxurious Coco Bay self-tanning lotion containing:

    DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a sugar based compound that binds with the top layers of the skin to form a perfect, streak free, golden tan that lasts 5 to 9 days. 
    Instant bronzers that provide an immediate tan.
    Moisturisers that extend the life of your tan.
    Vitamins that improve skin condition.
    The Coco Bay self-tanning lotion is applied as an atomising spray via the airgun, maximising coverage with minimal overspray and wastage. The colour darkens 2 to 3 hours after application but reaches its peak colour within 24 hours.

  • Ideal for Clients who:

  • want immediate colour.,want immediate colour.
    wish to deepen their existing tan.
    burn in UV sunlight or when exposed to indoor tanning equipment (skin type 1 and some skin type 2 clients) 

    simple to operate, easy to learn and train...

  • Application is quick and easy with a full body application completed within 3-4 minutes. This is almost ten times faster than standard airbrush tanning systems as your clients can be undressed, tanned and dressed again in 8 to12 minutes 
  • You can see exactly where the instant tanning lotion is being sprayed, so you can control the amount of solution accordingly and not worry about applying too much or patchy areas. 
  • Rapid client turn around times with each booth having the capacity for up to 8 clients an hour, enabling you to expand your profit potential 
  • Easy to maintain, simple to clean and requires no outside extraction 
  • High sheen, metallic self-covered, plastic moulded interior and exterior 
  • Available in a choice of attractive colours to compliment any modern salon: Silver, Bronze and Claret 
  • The booth can be re-fitted with new internal and external panels at a later date to accommodate salon refurbishment 

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