FAQs About Hiring A Sunbed

How much space do I need for a sunbed?

Typically, a lay down 'double unit' needs approximately 7ft x 3ft and a vertical unit needs about 3ft x 3ft

Can I use an extension cable or double adapter?

No! The units must be plugged straight into a wall socket.

Where abouts can I place the sunbed?

You can have the unit anywhere, apart from any bathrooms/wetrooms and loft converted rooms! Any summerhouses must have an adequate electricity supply and be securely locked!

When do I pay for the sunbed?

It is cash on delivery or if you want to pay by card, you must do this when booking your sunbed!

Can I rehire once my original hire is up?

Yes! This must be done at least 5 days before the end of your hire. You just need to call the office and we will do the rest!

What do I do if the sunbed stops working or a tube doesn't light up?

Call us as soon as possible and inform us of the problem. DO NOT USE in the meantime. We will try to fix or replace any tubes as soon as we can.

What do I need to hire?

We need photo iD and proof of address, either a utility bill or tenancy agreement.

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